I have been an “art worker” for much of my life, doing layout and design for others. About 20 years ago, I found my “voice” for my own art in the diverse medium of graphic fibers.

I feel that most fiber artists are under recognized, and their work is considered “craft” and not “art”. While I use quilting techniques in my work, these are not pieces to be pulled out on a cold night for extra warmth. They are instead, created to add extra dimension to the scenes and themes with which we surround ourselves to add meaning to our lives.

My textile pieces are derived from my interest in shapes, colors, reflections and the effects of shadow and light. In adapting graphic forms and the state of the world.

I refine the core of my subject and omit all unessential elements to uncover its underlying character. Each piece becomes an intense exploration of the graphic matter; shapes, colors and textures brought together to become a cohesive work
of art.