K. Velis Turan

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Graphic Fibers
My mixed-media textile pieces are derived from my interest in shapes, colors, reflections and the effects of shadow and light.  In adapting graphic forms, I refine the core of my subject and omit all unessential elements to uncover its underlying character.  Each piece becomes an intense exploration of the graphic matter; shapes, colors and textures brought together to become my idea of a cohesive work of art.


May & Jun 2016  - Solo Show - Diminutive Works - 

   Carey Institute for Global Good, Guggenheim Art Gallery,  Rensselarville, NY
Concrete and Grasslands,
Studio Art Quilters Associates (SAQA)

​   artwork: 80- 8th Avenue

   Jun - Jul 2016 -Grant’s Pass Museum of Art, Grant’s Pass OR   
My Corner of the Word,
Studio Art Quilters Associates (SAQA) artwork: Broadway El

  May - Aug 2016 - Stratford Pert Museum, Stratford, Ontario Canada  
Food for Thought -
Studio Art Quilters Associates (SAQA)  - artwork: Garden for Victory
   Jul - Aug 2016 - Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, MI
   Jan - Apr 2017 - Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum in Temple, Texas